Banquet menus

Banquet menus

These menus must be pre-ordered for min. 20 people.
Incl. tablecloths / napkins, service and service.

Banquet Menus

Choose 2 dishes DKK 278, – p.p. or 3 dishes NOK 328, – p.p.

1. Tartlets with chicken in asparagus
2. Hot smoked salmon on the bottom of salad with verte sauce
Croissant shrimp cocktail with homemade dressing
All starters are served with our homemade bread

Main courses:
1. Roast beef fillet with fresh vegetables and oven-baked potatoes with béarnaise sauce and red wine sauce
2. Veal roast like game with waldorf salad, sour, sweet, baked thyme potatoes and game sauce
3. Baked pork tenderloin, oven-baked small potatoes, fresh vegetables and thyme cream sauce

1. Chocolate cake with fresh fruit salad and vanilla cream
2. Gammeldaws apple cake deluxe
3. Lemon cheese

Night food can be selected for DKK 98, – p.p .:
Biksemad with beetroot, fried eggs and home-baked rye bread
2. Potato leek soup with bacon and homemade bread

Welcome drink NOK 52, – p.p. (Prosecco or Cava Rosé)

Drink packages of house wine, alm. draft beer and soda
2 hours DKK 188, -p.p.
3 hours DKK 258, -p.p.
4 hours DKK 318, -p.p.

Kaffe / the ad lib. DKK 35, – p.p.

Coffee and 3 cl. the house’s cognac / liqueur DKK 72, – p.p.



Must be pre-ordered for min. 35 pers.

Brunch Menu

BRUNCH BUFFET DKK 208, -p.p Children 3 – 12 years DKK 104, –

Smoked salmon with apple-horseradish cream
2 kinds of cold cuts
Drained yogurt with muesli and berry compote
Scrambled eggs and bacon
Brunch sausages
Cheese pie
2 kinds of cheese and 1 kind of jam

Fruit platter
Homemade cake
Homemade bread with butter

2 kinds of juice
coffee / the ad libitum

Options for Brunch
Croissant kr. 15, – p.p.
American pancakes with syrup DKK 20, -p.p.
1 gl. Cava white or rosé DKK 52, -p.p.



Must be pre-ordered for min. 25 pers

Buffet Menu

BUFFET DKK 248, -p.p. Children from 3 – 12 years DKK 124

Hot smoked salmon on the bottom of salad with verte sauce
BBQ marinated pieces of chicken breast
Fully fried beef fillet with red wine cloud and baked thyme potatoes
Marinated potato salad
Baked root vegetables
Large salad bar
Homemade bread and butter

Gammeldaws apple cake with sugar grater and whipped cream

The big cold table

The big cold table

Must be pre-ordered by a minimum of 10 people, served on dishes up to 40 people.

The big cold table Menu

THE BIG COLD TABLE DKK 348, – Children 3 – 12 years DKK 174, –

Marinated herring with curry salad
Kroger’s homemade crown herring with onions and capers
Smoked salmon with apple-horseradish cream
Eggs and shrimp with mayonnaise
Pan-fried plaice fillets with homemade remoulade

Veterinarian’s midnight snack
Homemade meatballs with sour
Roast beef with homemade remoulade
Roast pork with homemade red cabbage and sour
Homemade chicken salad with bacon

2 kinds of cheeses with biscuits and grapes

SUPPLEMENT: Apple cake with sugar grater and whipped cream DKK 25, -p.p.

Grill buffet

Grill buffet

The chef grills and you eat…
Must be pre-ordered for min. 30 people.

Grill buffet Menu

Grill buffet NOK 248 per person
Children 3-12 years DKK 124 per person

Hot smoked salmon on the bottom of salad with verte sauce
Grilled sausages
Marinated chicken breast
BBQ marinated reef legs
Beef steak
Summer potato salad
Small oven-baked potatoes with tarragon cream
Salad bar with seasonal mixed salads
Homemade cake
Homemade bread and butter

Coffee / Funeral


Must be pre-ordered for min. 10 pers.

Coffee / Funeral Menu

Kaffe / the ad libitum
Kr. 35, – p.p.

Kr. 35, – p.p.

2 half tea balls with butter
Kr. 35, – p.p.

Cheese food on French bread
Kr. 48, – p.p.

3 cuts
Kr. 129, – p.p. Choose between: Eggs / shrimp, salmon, vet’s night food, chicken salad, roast beef, eggs / tomato, sliced cheese or Brie.

Birthday cake
Kr. 30, – p.p. 1/1 DKK 240

Serving cookies
Kr. 18, – p.p.

Various offers:

Coffee, pastry and cookies
Kr. 85, – p.p.

Coffee, pastry and 2 half tea balls with butter
Kr. 99, – p.p.

Coffee, 3 slices and cookies
Kr. 165, – p.p.